Friday, August 27, 2010

I may never understand boys

I watched all this through the bathroom window while the kids were going out to do chores and I was washing my hands to getting ready to go out to milk.  Spark runs through the clothes hanging in rows on the clothes line.  His hat gets caught on a shirt and falls off on his way through.  He acts as though he is coming to a screeching halt, turns around, spies his hat on the ground and like a football player who has the ball, runs back to the clothes line.  Just before he gets to his hat he dives on the ground for it.  On top of his hat he starts wrestling with it like it is alive and dramatically slams it back on his head.  He then gets up, turns and runs off towards the barn like nothing happened.  Girls don't do that sort of thing, at least Dancer and I don't.

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