Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun at the Fair Continues

Working at the 4-H food stand
Dad was in charge of the deep fryer
It rained and it rained, then it poured and poured.  Some places the water was mid calf.  The kids seemed to love having a spontaneous water attraction. 
With envy Dad and Spark checked out the tractors.  We would love a smallish tractor which would make our work load much easier, but alas, it is not even close to being in the budget.

Ferris wheel ride.  Spark was the only one who went on a ride.  They put him in a basket with two little girls and when he got off he said "I think I was suppose to chaperone those two."

We all had a few favorite fair experiences. 

Dancer's were
  1. Having her hair done and painted
  2. Working in the food booth
  3. Enjoying the milk shakes from the dairy booth
  4. The rocket launch - she wants to do this next year
  5. Seeing her friends
Spark's were:
  1. Riding the Ferris wheel
  2. The rocket launch
  3. Slurping a milk shake
  4. The 4-H Arts In program
  5. Seeing everyone else's projects
  6. Working at the food booth
Mom's were:
  1. Seeing the kids getting their projects judged
  2. The rocket launch
  3. Open class competition
  4. Enjoying the milk shakes
  5. The Arts In program
  6. Talking with people from other clubs we don't see very often
Dad's were:
  1. Working at the food booth
  2. The kids getting their projects judged
  3. Looking at the other club's scrapbooks
  4. Open class competition
  5. The animals and how all the kids so serious taking care of them wearing their big barn boots
  6. The Arts In program
Only about 360 days and we will be there again!

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