Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pajamas - The hottest new trend in homeschool fashion

There has been a ad running on t.v. for an online college where a girl is spouting how great the college is because she gets to "go" to class in her pajamas.  This is the selling point the ad is using to entice people to apply to this college.  Hopefully that isn't the best thing about the college, but that is neither here nor there.  Homeschool kids, at least mine, have been doing school in their pajamas since Kindergarten.  My kids will even get dressed to go out and do barn chores, then come back in and put their pajamas back on.  Maybe the next time I am asked why we homeschool I will simply answer, "Pajamas." 


Swimtaxi said...

We stay in our PJ's until lunch so I got a laugh out of your post.

Just an Average American Mom said...

Pajamas ROCK!

To us homeschoolers this is nothing new so I guess they wouldn't entice us homeschoolers more than a public school child?

Glad we don't have TV! I don't know if I could watch all those stupid advertisements anymore. Christmas time drove me nuts, I bet it would send me over the edge now.

Have a great day.