Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Desert Animal Crafts

It is so hot it feels like we are living in the desert so we decided since we already feel like we are there we might as well make desert animals.
Geckos.  These are made out of cardboard, pipe cleaners, tiny black beads and a yellow napkin.  There feet are webbed so they can run through the sand faster not for swimming.  These now live on our fridge.

Toad.  This little fellow is made out of rocks.  First step was to find a toady looking rock, two eye rocks and lots of wart rocks and then hot glue them all together.

Next was to paint it toad colored and then highlight the bumps with green paint.

Wolf Spider.  She is made from two fingers of a glove.  The fingers are stuffed and hot glued together.  The legs are twist ties made black with a Sharpie and the eyes are white pepper corns.
The wolf spider carries her egg sac with her and we showed that with a rock, again hot glued on the bottom.  I love the hot glue gun.
The Lappet-faced Vulture.  This guy is so funny, his head is attached with a pipe cleaner so it waggles back and forth when you hold him.  He is made of three paper plates, a pipe cleaner, yellow and red construction paper.  He is should be black but we didn't have any black paint.

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