Monday, November 22, 2010

"Come to your senses man!!!"

We are studying human body systems in science.  We did this fun experiment about how the senses work together.  We used these jelly beans to see how the senses of sight and taste work together. 

When you eat these gourmet jelly beans there is a guide on back that tells you what each flavor is.  Look at the chart, try the bean and yeah, it tastes like that.  We had Dancer and Spark try to guess the flavors with a blindfold on. 

They could usually tell if the jelly bean was fruit flavored but not what fruit.  They thought quite a few were coffee flavored, one was cappuccino but other ones they pegged as coffee included s'more, chocolate, Dr Pepper and root beer.  No one had any idea what the banana flavored bean was, actually they both thought it was hideous. 

The second time, without the blindfold, the guesses were a lot closer, but still not that accurate.  Try guessing what flavor are before looking at the guide, it's not as easy as you think.  

It was fun and interesting.  So if your looking for a project for these long, cold winter nights, take the jelly bean test.    

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