Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giving Thanks Challenge - Kleenex

I am cheap.  I usually say frugal because it sounds so much nicer but really I am cheap.  I don't pay for things with extra frills if something cheaper can do the same job.  Because of my cheapness we use toilet paper for tissues - Kleenex is brand so I won't use that when talking about the toilet paper tissues for legal reasons. 

In the car though we carry a box of Kleenex.  I may be cheap but I don't want to look like a redneck in public by having people look in our car and see rolls of half used t.p.  I can see them thinking we probably stop by a bush instead of finding the nearest bathroom when nature calls.  To set the record straight - we don't. 

This week Dancer and I have been suffering from a horrible, no good, very bad cold.  Toilet paper is hard on the nose.  Very hard on the nose.  It intensifies our suffering.  I broke down and brought the box of Kleenex from the car tonight.  Our noses are thankful for soft Kleenex.  With only three fourths of a box I fear we are going to be thankful for only a short time.

I am thankful for cold medicine as well but poor Dancer can not take cold medicine because it is loaded with food coloring.  Why, why, why do they put coloring in medicine?!!!!  Does it make it taste better?  No.   Look better?  No, and when I am suffering I don't really have an opinion on the color I just want it to work.  She takes Calc. Sulph 6X which is a homeopathic that works, but it doesn't knock you out so you can sleep like Nyquil does.

I am really going to be thankful when our colds are gone.

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