Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everyone wants in the house

When it is warm out we can go days without seeing the cats.  They are working cats that keep down the vermin population and they eat what they catch.  When the temperatures start to dip it is a whole other story with them.  They start begging at the doors and trying to sneak in when we open the doors. 

This is Vidalia watching us through the window.  Usually, she sits on the deck to look in at us with pleading eyes, but this day she got up on the post of the deck that is right by the slider door.

Here I think she is probably disdainly thinking, "Why does that dog get to be in the house?"

Now we have reached a whole new level of things trying to get in the house.  We came home the other day to find the chickens, Paige, Speckly, and Wooton, sitting at the front door.  I don't think they really want in but it was funny to find them there.  They are always on the  porch eating the cat food, which we need to some how stop because cat food is expensive to feed chickens.  They also leave poo all over when they are up there which is nasty.  The other chickens went in the barn for the winter but these three won't stay in there.   

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Just an Average American Mom said...

How funny :)

We have that same problem around here with everyone wanting in.