Monday, November 22, 2010

Glazed, Like a Donut

That is what the whole world looks like from our house.  There is about a 1/10th of a inch of ice on everything, making everything shiny and slippery.  When I had the dog out for her walk, even the grass was slippery.  We haven't bought any salt yet so I put table salt on the deck steps so we could get out to the backyard for the dog and the barn chores.    In the front of the house we had some sand left from Spark's Nile River diorama that I sprinkled on the driveway and the front steps.  Usually I would not be a fan of dumping sand outside our front door to get tracked in but it was almost impossible to walk.  Spark was out sliding around on the driveway and I told him to put a bike helmet on in case he fell.   Even the chickens were slipping around when they came up to eat the cat's food.  A chicken trying to keep their balance is pretty funny.

Usually the weather doesn't affect us very much, we just stay home.  However, Dad's uncle unexpectedly died this last week and we were planning on going to the wake yesterday.  They live over two hours from us though so we were unable to go.  Reports in the cities were over 400 accidents just yesterday morning so we didn't dare venture out.  Things were being cancelled around here and very few cars went by.  When Dad came home from work it took him over an hour so the two hour trip, if we had stayed out of the ditch, probably would have been about four hours one way. 

Today we are expecting more freezing drizzle and snow.  Come on winter - bring it on!

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