Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankful for My Truck - By Dad

Sounds like the title of the next hit country song.

I actually mean the van or the truck or any motor vehicle.  When I drive into town to pick up feed ot run any old errand I think how easy the job is today.  Until about, oh, a hundred years ago going into town was a big deal.

We live between two small towns, one is 5 miles away the other 6 miles.  One trip is flat, the other up and down large hills and over two creeks.  Which one would you pick if on foot, horse or in a wagon? 

Most of the things I drive in for would be too big to carry on foot or horseback so I'd need the wagon.  Not only would the trip take a lot longer, the prep work and work after the trip is heck of a lot more than turning a key.  Obviously, committing to the time and work of the trip would make a person plan more and get more done in each trip.  Considering how much more time and work was involved in every other daily chore the time spent on a trip to town would be even greater.

I really like that when it's -25 degrees, before the windchill, I get to drive around in a little heated capsule with padded seats and stereo music.  Can you imagine riding in an open wagon in any temperature below say 40 dgrees with a blanket on your lap for a couple hours one way?  In the wind, the rain and the snow?  How about in the summer when it's 98 degrees, dry and super dusty out?  Mosquitos, gnat and horseflies?  I think about how many trips I make in a year after dark, and how few I would have dared back then.

I have great respect for the people back then who would go to church every Sunday, and to other church and community events, and to think I skip things because they are too early in the morning or just not exciting enough. 

I think it's true when people comment on how the automobile has changed people and our society.  For the better or worse?  You decide.

PS  My coworkers think it's hilarious that my truck has crank windows.  "I can't believe they still make those."  

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