Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giving Thanks Challenge - Our problems

Yep, that is right, I am thankful for our problems. 

Do I like our problems?  No. 

Would I rather we didn't have any?  Yes. 

But they are what the are.

Dancer sometimes complains about her food coloring allergy and how much she wishes she didn't have it and could eat anything she wanted.  Then we talk about how it is much better than a peanut allergy or a glutten allergy or Crohn's Disease or any other host of diseases.  Any kid in a wheel chair etc. would think pfft, food coloring, I could live with that in a heart beat.  To make her feel better we go over how those foods aren't good choices anyway and this is sort of a blessing in disguise.  But she is 13, so I let her have a bit of a pity party because it does stink.  Our culture likes to give out treats at every occasion, or for every little achievement, that it is a hard thing to be strong about day after day.  The grocery store gives suckers out just for being in the check out line with your mom, what kind of achievement is that?  I got off on a little tangent there so back to the post.

Of course, as a family, like every family, we have our share of problems.  We have been quite blessed and they aren't insurmountable.  We also have a good marriage so that when big things do happen we are able to weather the storm and get through to the other side wiser, braver, stronger and more humble.

I read somewhere once, that if everyone threw their problems in a pile and could pick new ones out, they would probably take their own back. 

Thank you God for our problems and that your mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning.

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kariwhite said...

It's probably not much of a comfort to Dancer, but she's not alone!

Our big girl has a sensitivity to artificial colors and artificial flavors and as a result we avoid most processed foods.

It has changed our lives and is challenging at times, but the overall impact will be to improve her health AND the health of our family.

Most of the time we're all eating the same foods and that means those foods with artificial colors and artificial flavors are gone from our household.

Like you, we've found to be very very thankful for problems. :)