Saturday, August 6, 2011

4-H Lake Party

Our annual summer lake party was this afternoon.  First we ate and then had the meeting so we don't have to meet on Monday night.  The kids in our club have such a good time together.

They divided up for games.  This one they were tied together in teams and raced each other around a course of chairs and trees.

They picked the littlest one up so they could run faster. 

Kick the can. 

They tossed a raw egg back and forth in teams of two.  The games all tied so everyone got prizes.

Swimming, lots of swimming.  Spark and another boy took out the paddle boat and tipped it over.  The girls had to go out in kayaks and tow them back in.

At about 5:00 I finally got Spark to crawl out of the lake so we could get to church on time.  I had hoped to leave about 4:00 but they were having such a good time I waited until we could still be on time if we hurried.

Group shot of everyone there, a few families were missing.

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