Sunday, August 14, 2011

Geocaching Bike Ride

A whole slew of new caches came up this week that were on a old Soo railroad line that is now a bike trail.  We loaded up our bikes and went out to find them.

The post in the middle is an old telegraph line with lines sagging almost down to the ground.  People climb up these and get the glass insulator off an sell them.  On this one the insulator was broken so it was still there it would have been gone years ago.

Spark was a long way down the bank to find this cache it wasn't even at this beacon.  It was close though so he didn't climb all the way down for nothing although when he couldn't find it Dad and I made the trek down as well. 

Clouds and corn fields, is there anything more beautiful?  Well, yes there is, but they rank right up there.

Humphrey with a cache.  He is one of our geocaching mascots, we haul about four of them around with us every time we go.

We rode over this long bridge that is right in front of a dam.  Wish we had brought with a better camera than just a little point and shoot but how much "stuff" do we really want to carry.  Not much.

Dad and

Mom on the bridge.  The kids had already rode on but since we stopped to take a picture of the water we did a little photo session as well since we rarely take our pictures and tons of the kids.  Don't want them to try and have to remember what we looked like.

Ahhh, it was good to get back to the truck and get a drink.  Love the color in this picture, it makes her look like she has an angelic glow.

And we had low carb trail mix - a can of mixed nuts with a couple handfuls of bacon thrown in.

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Amy Dingmann said...

We love geocaching! Its always fun when new stuff comes up. :) Glad you had such a fun time. Good idea to remember to get a picture of you and dad. My husband and I always forget there needs to be pictures of us, too. :)