Friday, August 5, 2011

Tree Frogs

Our back slider door has been the popular hang out for tree frogs the last couple of weeks.  They are so fun to watch catching bugs and moths.  We call it "Country T.V."  Dancer took all of these pictures.

We have had a couple of icky things happen.  I went out at about 2:00 on morning to take the dog out and stepped on one.  That will wake you up real quick.  Another time Dancer opened the door and one went in between the two doors and came to it's demise.  To make it worse, it's leg got caught when she shut the door and I had to tug it out and throw it off the deck. 

Our lawn mower is broken again but we can't wait for it to get fixed so I  have been spending the last couple of night mowing with the little push mower so it at least looks from the road like we are keeping our yard under control.  As I push a long I am so surprised at how many little toads there are.  With the wet spring and summer we have a bumper crop mosquitoes so they have plenty to eat.

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