Monday, August 1, 2011

Judging Day

Last Tuesday was judging day at the fair.  It is always a busy, stressful day.  Dancer had 18 projects and Spark had 13.   The judging is from 2:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. with a half hour dinner break for the judges so we really have to be focused to get them all done in that time frame.   For each project they meet individually with a judge and talk about how they made the it, what they learned, etc.  With some judges the kids can sit with them for 10 plus minutes and then there is the standing in line time.   Beside their regular projects are the club projects they were involved with that need to be judged - scrapbook, banner, and planter.  Spark was done with plenty of time to spare.  Dancer finished at 6:45 so we said that she could have done one more project!

Seeing friends is a huge highlight of the fair!  This is one of Dancer's good homeschool friends who belongs to a different 4-H club, they don't see much of each other in the summer.  I had to keep telling Dancer to stop talking and go get in a line with a project.  They just had so much to tell each other :)

Lots of time standing in line waiting for your turn with the judge.  Spark with a friend from our 4-H club.

Dancer talking with the judge about her messenger bag she made at Clothing camp this spring.  She uses this bag a lot and missed having it during the week of the fair.  Even this morning she comment how happy she was to have her bag back.

Our club took their turn sweeping the 4-H building the first night.  It's all about team work.

After sweeping there was a banana split party.  It was cut short by the insane amout of mosquitoes but yummy none the less.

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