Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summerland 4-H Fun Day

Our 4-H group had a day out at a local little amusement park to celebrate all our hard work from the last few years.

Dancer and Spark both started out on the go-karts.
This was Spark's favorite car.  His first time around was a little iffy but after that he really got the hang of the gas, break and steering all at the same time.

Spark enjoyed the bumper boats. 

He went down the water slide several times.  Just about to the bottom....

A quick recovery because the next kids is only a few turns of the slide away.

Moved out of the way with his mat and ran up the stairs again.  It was a long way to the top, probably about six stories high.

There was a snack pot luck which had such good food it was more like a lunch.

He got in a couple of games of putt-putt golf.

Why no more pictures of Dancer?  Because she only went on the go-karts.

As soon as her turn was done she ran back in the go-kart line with her friend.  I think about nine of the kids that were with our group, everyone could bring friends, rode the go-karts the whole time.  I took advantage of her driving excitement today and when we got home she mowed the lawn on the rider.  When she got done she said she wondered how fast she could mow the lawn if the mower went as fast as a go-kart.  Should I be worried when she gets her driver's license?

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