Friday, August 5, 2011

Crochet Coffee Cup

The day after the fair Dancer must have been feeling the let down of being busy for so many days and then all of a sudden nothing is on the calendar.  She whipped out a couple of these coffee cups starting almost first thing in the morning.   

She found the pattern here at the Lion Brand web site.  The original pattern was for a tea cup pin cushion so she tweaked it a little bit.  The top is suppose to be swirled cream in the coffee like you get at those fancy coffee places.  She, and I tried too, with no, luck to get a different design where the white wouldn't be all clumped together on one side.  No matter where we started for the middle, it always came out the same.  Since she made so many tops trying to get the "cream" more mixed up in the coffee she made a couple more cups.

Instead of a pin cushion she stuffed them with a bit of fiberfill and the rest with coffee beans.  Mmmmm, do they smell good!

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