Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All's well that ends well

The day was going along just like any other. The kids went out to get the mother hen with her babies as they had climbed through a fence and she couldn't get through. Spark had just been out about 20 minutes earlier and everyone seemed fine but now Dancer's little goat Eeyore was laying limp in the barn. He has serious trouble with getting over heated but today wasn't that warm so perhaps it was just cumulative from the last few warmer days. I zoom out to the barn while Dancer is screaming that he his dead. I hoist him up and run out to the shade where I can see that he is still alive. We start to spray water on him and he comes to, but it is obvious that something is terribly amiss. Dancer is crying and screaming and working herself into a tizzy all the while I am trying to get him up. It took a good two and a half hours, repeated cool baths with the hose, a bottle of Gatorade and a dose of Keto Drench but he did start acting like his old self again. By the end of all the commotion Dancer only had tears running down her cheeks so she pulled it together well too. Spark has been praying for him to be okay on and off through all this and when he finally is Spark says, "we have witnessed a miracle!" Eeyore was very tired after he got back to normal so Dancer and Spark laid with him on a bedspread on the lawn while he slept and petted him. What a lucky goat. Dancer had a dance lesson this evening so we made a make shift pen for him outside hoping that he would stay in it while we were gone. He did, but some of the other goats got out while we were in town. They ate the ends off of the snowball bush that they had striped earlier this spring and was just looking promising that it was coming back. They also took out a clematis that was finally flowering. Being relieved that Eeyore was still in his pen and okay made it seem like a minor issue. May tomorrow be a dull, dull day.

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