Sunday, August 23, 2009

And we lived to tell about it

Dancer wants to do a 4-H project on different ways of reducing the erosion of lake shores. We went Grandma and Grandpa's to go out on their lake and take some pictures of different ways that people have prepared their shores to try and save them from the waves and ice eating away at the shore. I guess we have never taken the boat out before with Spark since he has been old enough to remember it. We get out on the lake where Dancer, Dad and I are enjoying the ride and the scenery when we hear Spark yelling "Take me back"! I look to front of the boat where he is sitting and see him white knuckled hanging on to both side of the boat. He wanted to sit in the front of the boat becuase then he was the furthest off the water compared to the back or middle. The three of us are having such a good time and he is having a panic attack. Just relax we tell him this is suppose to be fun. Next we hear him saying over and over, "I am going to be sea sick, I am going to be sea sick, I am going to be sea sick." Your fine we tell him. We keep going and by the time we were part way around the lake he had gotten use to the boat and was loving it. He still didn't want Dad to drive very fast though. When we were ready to go back into shore, he wanted to go around the lake again. Now he is looking forward to the next time we go to their house so he can go for a boat ride. Go figure.

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jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! At least he wants to go on the boat again!

Sounds like a cool 4H project. We've done a lot of work on erosion at our local nature center.

Peace and Laughter,