Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are officially married!

We were married by a pastor that was an interim pastor at the church I went to as a kid. We had the wedding and went happily on our way. About a week later we got a call from the court house that the pastor who married us wasn't licensed to perform weddings in our state and therefore they couldn't process our marriage license. I called my mom, who called the pastor that was at our church before this pastor came to fill in until they could find a new full time one. The pastor that was there before had moved to a position at the office that governs all the churches of the denomination and therefore was the logical person to call. My mom called back and said that he would take care of it. We never heard anything else so we have assumed that all was well but never checked into it officially. Over the years we have joked a few times that maybe we really aren't married. In over 20 years we never had to prove that we were married.....until now. The hospital where the dad works is doing an audit on the insurance to verify that everyone an employee is claiming on their insurance is really someone they can claim. To prove that I can be carried on his insurance we needed to send in a copy of our marriage license. Hmmm, hopefully that isn't going to a problem because the state we live in doesn't recognize common law marriages. We hold our breath as the dad calls the court house and they tell him he needs to come in to get it. This morning he stopped on his way home from work and they had a license on file for us. The part where it lists where the pastor is able to perform marriages is crossed off and county in our state was written in, but it is official!

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