Friday, August 21, 2009

What to do, what not to do

This time of year is always the same. What activities are we going to be a part of and what ones are we not. We live were there are a lot of homeschoolers. While that is a blessing, it also means that there are so many programs that could be taking up all our time and money. In and of themselves, they are all good. The down fall is that we could be gone every single day at activities. The kids would love that option, but I always say that if you homeschool, you do need to be home once in awhile. I also know from past years that doing too much makes me a crazy, crabby mother. We have been through the too much going on cycle twice. That is when we have a year where we are running, running, running to where it is hard for me to keep track if we are backing out of the driveway or driving in. Then the next year I vow we will do less and we are home and the kids are stir crazy. This last cycle I did a little better with the cutting so much out and it seemed like a good balance. I hope to repeat that balance again this year.

Now that it is almost fall, we are looking at what is going to be on the chopping block and what we will fit into our schedule. Some of what we had to choose from was soccer, band, library buddies, science class, horseback riding lessons, co-ops, Awana, youth group, and so on. A lot of these are no brainers because there isn't enough interest there so it is easy to pass them over. Others take some thought, prayer and tough choices. Finally, I think we have the list for fall. Some of these make a commitment only through November so we can reevaluate then if we want to sign up again or not. We can do anything for two and half months - right?

Spark is going to be in 4-H, homeschool gym at the YMCA which includes swimming lessons (the reason it got included), flag football through community ed, 4-H After-school adventures, and Sunday school.

Dancer is going to be in one dance group (she wanted two), 4-H, and a book club.

My goal is that this will be a good balance for us. We have a fairly active 4-H club, there are a few church activities coming up and I have one meeting a month so the weeks will fill in quickly. We also want to get to a few more farmers' markets before the year is totally over so Dancer can make some money to pay for her dance expenses. We also have a few little day trips we would like to get in. One plus to this schedule is that Sparks gym day and Dancer's dance class are on the same day in town so we can combine the trip and hit the library at the same time. The down side is that we have one night a week where we have to bring dinner with us or eat out. I say lets eat out every week but the pocket book usually says otherwise.

I know other families work in more activities that this, but I just can't. I like to have times open if something fun pops up and to be home at night snuggled in when the snow starts to blow.


Marbel said...

We have had those cycles too. There are so many fun, worthwhile, interesting things to do, but there's just no way to fill them all in and stay sane. Even my kids get crabby when we are out too much, and activities they enjoy become a burden to them too.

One day I counted 5 trips out of my driveway. That is way too much driving around.

This year will be a lot quieter!

jugglingpaynes said...

Oh wow, I know what you mean. I was writing about this on my blog. I would love to do all of the interesting activities our homeschooling network offers, but I know my limitations and the consequences of not listening to those limits!

Peace and Laughter,