Saturday, August 15, 2009

The week I wasn't planning on

This past week has just thrown me way off kilter. On Monday Dancer decided to start school. We have had our new material since early last spring, mostly what she picked out, and she just couldn't wait anymore to get started. That was fine to start, but I wasn't ready and didn't have anything together for her. I spent the better part of the morning ordering books from the library, a long process with dial up Internet, and quickly looking over what she had already started doing.

Tuesday it got terribly hot and humid out. That was the day Dancer's goat Eeyore got over heated and we spent the afternoon trying to get him back to normal. The rest of the week with him has been spent worrying that he was too hot. We checked him about every 15 - 30 minutes all day long. The make shift pen we made for him so he could be under the trees turned out to just be an inconvenience for him. Almost every time we checked on him on Wednesday he was out of it. The kids kept piling more lawn chairs, tables, kiddie pools, buckets, saw horses, and anything else they could think of that might keep him in his enclosure. By Thursday they had something constructed that, for the most part, kept him in, but the area he had to walk around in was ever shrinking. On Friday we finally made him an enclosure out of fencing materials and now we can leave him without worrying he will wander where he shouldn't. At night we were still worried about him being too hot in the barn and went out and check him multiple times. The temps were so hot in there we would start sweating just from filling water buckets. We couldn't leave him outside at night because we worry about dogs and because he would have been scared outside all alone. Several of our other animals didn't look so great in the heat either, they would be breathing heavy long after the temps had cooled down.

On Wednesday, when I was looking up in the 4-H newsletter what time Spark's day camp was on Thursday, I saw that Dancer had to have a resume and project report for her state fair entry into the extension office on Monday. Great, we missed the deadline and now she will be disqualified to take her project. I worried most of the night about this and didn't sleep well at all.

Thursday morning, when Dad took Spark to day camp, Dancer went with to ask the 4-H person what could be done about these missing papers. Just bring them back this afternoon when you pick up Spark and I will bring them in to the office she says. We were relieved that she could go to the state fair but now we had to find out what was expected in this resume and project report and then write them. No pressure there! She also had a few things to do to her project to make it look decent since it spent five days at the county fair and looked like it had.

To add to the day, my contacts were scratchy from not sleeping great the night before so I had to wear my glasses. I hate glasses. Actually that is not a strong enough word, I detest glasses. I can't really see with them on and I certainly can't see with them off. They make me crabby. I thank God for who ever invented contacts.

When I called our 4-H leader to ask her about the resume and project report she said oh yeah, you need those and one for every project she did to send in for judging. We were in a different club before this last year and they did not put importance on these records so we had never done them. I was hoping to blow them off again this year but I guess not. So now we have been cranking out a couple of these reports everyday with the hopes of having them done before our meeting next Wednesday.

Of course our regular week also had to happen around all of these other things happening. Dancer had three days of dance classes, Spark had day camp, we had company for dinner one night, chores, errands and so on and so on. There is nothing extra on the calendar tomorrow and I hope it stays that way!

On a good note, it cooled down and rained this afternoon so we can quit worrying about our little goat.

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Georgie K. Buttons said...

So busy. Sounds like how my week will be. Minus the goat, though.