Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls night out - boys night out

The guys had a night planned of pot luck and a fantasy football draft with other nurses and staff from the hospital. Spark has been very excited about this. This afternoon he baked brownies and got them all ready to go for the occasion. Here he is just about the get in the truck to go with his treats. All the women nurses at the draft told him how great it was that he baked and that they were so good. Dad said he was just beaming. He is still so excited that he wants to sit up all night and talk football.

Since the guys had a night out planned, Dancer and I decided that we should get a night out too. We went to dinner and ran a couple errands before her dance class. It is really fun to go with her alone. First, because we never hardly get to do anything alone. She is usually the one that has all the activities. Spark and I have tons of time to do things while she is at dance so while it is super fun to do things alone with him, it is the norm. The second reason is because then we can talk uninterrupted. It is hard to talk girl talk when you are in the presence of an eight year old boy.

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