Saturday, August 22, 2009

A family project requiring a chainsaw

That was then....

This is now.

These trees have just never worked very well. A couple years ago I cut the branches off the first one and I don't know why I never did get around to doing the rest of them. They were impossible to mow around because the the branches reached to ground. The weeds under them were terrible and it always looked so unkept. Animals have hidden under them and pulled in ducks om ar chickens to eat. They blocked the view of half of the corral so from the house we couldn't see the goats if they were down at the other end. But today we trimmed them! It is hard to tell from the picture that the end one is cut up about 12 feet. It took the four of us a steady two hours of work to get it done and all the branches hauled over to the fire pit. Now we wonder why we never made it priority to finish this project sooner. And it was all done before 12:30! And I actually feel like we accomplished something tangible today!

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