Monday, August 31, 2009

Largest Zucchini Ever!!!




Crowds Amazed!!

Citizens Stare, Mouths Agape

End to World

Hunger Proclaimed

OK, as you might have guessed this photo may have been altered. This is the first zucchini from the garden this year. We would normally have had hundreds of these by now (we sell a lot of zucchini at the Farmers Market). Our weather has been pretty weird this season, it has been cool and dry. Usually it is hot in July and August with enough rain, even hot and dry would be better as we can water. There's no great way to heat a whole garden by 20 some degrees. Today there was a small zucchini in the garden, our first zucchini of the year! I went ahead and picked it in case it the first and last. When I checked the temperature this morning, at 9:00, it was 41 degrees. That's after three hours of sunshine. There are a lot of small zucchini on the plants so there will probably be more, and, hey, it's doing better than the Dwarf Fruitless Okra (I could have sworn the packet said 'Clemson Spineless') Here's a more accurate headline for the zucchini:

Family Scoffs


Puny Produce

"Are you sure that's a zucchini" quips son.

On the bright side the tomatoes and peppers (and pigweed, dandelions and lambs quarter) are doing great. They say that "hope springs eternal", I'll keep you posted on the amazing bounty of the arctic, desert garden.