Monday, August 3, 2009

Always wash your laundry in cold water

because when you find your darling daughters chap stick and lip gloss in the washer it will be okay. I was unloading the darks from the washer when I looked in the bottom and saw both her chap stick and lip gloss. With a crazed look on my face I reached in, pulled them out, snapped the cover off the chap stick and to my delight saw that it was still intact and not melted all over the load of clothes I had just washed. Although I hadn't seen anything amiss when pulling the clothes out, I assumed that there would be a glob of goo mixed somewhere in them, but no, all was well. The only thing that happened to the lip gloss was it lost it's label. So green living or not, I would suggest always wash in cold if you have kids.

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