Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spark at Day Camp

By Spark

I got up early this morning to go to day camp. I had to bring a sack lunch. I was the first boy there. First, we played a game called the name train. You go around hopping like a bunny asking people their name. After you ask somebody you have to yell out their name the you follow behind them and hop to the next person. The person you just asked asks someone else their name, yell it out, they join the line and hop to the next person until everyone has joined the train. We sang the song the bedbugs and the skeeters were having a game of ball and Waddleleeatcha. We played a bunch of relays. We got a dish with lots of cups in it and the three primary colors. Then we mixed the colors together to make a color for every dish. You could even mix colors in a tray. We made sun ray bracelets that turn color when the UV rays get strong and you should put on sunscreen. We colored on bandannas with Sharpies and dropped alcohol on the drawings and the colors ran. We learned about the colors dividing off of something. We had lunch. We got these really cool hard clear things that when they sit in water they get huge and they are see through. We watched and were in commercials during our popcorn and juice snack. It was weird not to be there with my sister this year.

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