Thursday, August 27, 2009

The color yellow

is starting to show up in the trees. We took the kids swimming for a better portion of the afternoon because it is suppose to be cold for at least the next five days, in the 60's, and we worried this may be the last chance we have to go this year. On the way home I could see a yellow tint to the trees, they are not as vibrant green as they were just yesterday. In a few spots there is already completely yellow leaves. Usually the fall colors sneak up on me but this year I seem to be able to feel them stealing the few precious days of summer we have left. I am not ready for yellow to take over yet. I sort of feel like we might be at the end of an era. Dancer is going to be 7th grade and 13 years old this winter. Will she want to go to the beach and splash in the intertubes with her brother? Will she think she is to mature to watch Disney movies? Will a family bike ride still be something to look forward to? Will she still hold my hand sometimes when we are walking? Will she fight Spark to be the first one to give me good morning kisses? Are there things I don't even know are happening for the last time and don't know to savor them? Stay away yellow, I'm not ready yet.

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