Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We met some homeschool friends at the park this morning so that the kids could play and us adults could have some grown up conversation. I always think of other homeschool parents as coworkers if we had any and some times it is nice to chat with someone in the same business.

The park is in a neighborhood that when it is wet out there is a little creek that runs through it into a big swamp. There was a little water in the creek this morning and it had frogs in it. The kids had a great time catching and putting them in cups that they found. Oh, and one mother's water glass she brought with, but it isn't going to be her glass anymore now that it has had frogs in it. All the kids had a great time doing this except two of Dancer's friends. They thought at 12 years of age that they were just way to cool for this activity. I was glad that Dancer didn't cave to their coolness and went down with the younger kids. She had a great time while they sat on the slides sulking. I guess once you make a big, loud announcement that you aren't going to catch frogs because it is dumb and your friend doesn't follow you, you either have to sulk or take it back and go play. Hopefully next time they will join in with the other kids because the sulking girls looked bored and irritated. Which, now that I type that, would make sense since that is what sulking is.

A sad thing about the frogs was that about half of them only had one back leg. One had a short stubby leg with a couple toes, one had a bump where a leg should have grown and the rest had nothing to mark a leg spot. I would have had a picture but didn't think there would be anything to take a picture of so we left the camera home. I am pretty sure the lack of legs was related to the beautiful weed free lawns in the surrounding house and the park which didn't even have a patch of clover in it. I wonder if when people start having legless children, they will rethink their perfect lawns.

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Fertilizer problems causing mutations? I read about that once.