Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ducks and green peppers don't mix

The ducks have been dining on our green peppers. Three of them were inside the fence munching away on the peppers when I chased them down and caught one of them. She was quacking profusely as I carried her down to the creek. At the same time, the rest of the family was trying to drive the other ducks through the ditch and to the creek. The ducks took a wrong turn and headed back up to the yard. I threw her into the creek anyway hoping she would find utopia and stay there, or better yet, invite the rest of them to join her. No such luck. About 10 minutes after I threw her in, she comes prancing up to the barn quacking her unhappiness to all who would listen. Next step was to make it obvious where to get down to the creek, after all, the other duck found her way back so easily without a trail so with a trail they should head right to the creek. Dad went down to the swamp with the weed whacker, made them a trail to follow and make it more enticing to go to the creek.
We start driving them down to the path and they veer off to the corral. We give them time to regroup and try again. This time they find the path, go half way down it and zoom off to the left into the weeds. Spark tried to keep them going towards the creek but they just couldn't figure it out. This time it took all of them about an hour to figure out how to get back up to the house. What duck wouldn't want to swim and live in a creek? We will just have to reinforce the fence around the garden. Ducks make chickens look smart.

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