Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Big Date

Dad and I went to town yesterday for our big day out.

We enjoyed lunch at Mongo's, this place where you go through a salad bar like set up to pick veggies, meats, sauces and oils to have fried on an ultra huge grill.  It is expensive but we go about once a year and never with the kids.  We took them once but they don't put together things that they end up liking very much.  Since you pay by the plate it's not like they can not eat what they made the first time and make something different.  Besides, going so infrequently makes it a big deal when we do go.

We made a stop at the bank to finish up getting the money finalized for our roof.  They make such a big to-do about cashing those insurance checks like we are trying to pull something over on them.  Really, just take the money and run, it's for a house that you mortgaged so you probably want a good roof that is paid for on it. 

Then it was on to shopping for the kids.  We had a list but didn't want to only get them things they asked for or they can just go through the presents and know what they all are.  It took some time to go through the stores and decide.  The kids are at hard ages,  it use to be so easy to just run down the toy aisles.  I miss shopping in the little kids toy aisles.  Now it is all video games, Legos and Justin Bieber paraphernalia. 

On the way home I told Dad I had a really good time and hope that he will call me to go out again sometime.  He said he would so I am going to wait by the phone :)

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