Thursday, December 1, 2011

Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

We made this and brought it Grandma and Grandpa tonight as a house warming gift for their new town house.  They are moving from Arkansas but only have a few of their Christmas things here.

This project was a little labor intensive just because there is a wait time for the glue to dry.  Glue together ten sets of candy canes back to back.  Since the canes are wrapped in plastic, we let them sit over night so they were completely dry before moving on to the next step so that they wouldn't get uneven when handling them.  Tie red ribbons on the tops, just before the curve, in square knots and cut off the ribbon tails.  For the next part we used a glue gun.  Lay all the cane pairs out and keep adjusting them until they are in a circle with their "hooks" and bottoms touching as close as possible.  Be liberal with the glue on the back of the wreath or it tends to bend where the joints are.  To finish tie a ribbon on top for hanging.  Cut off any extra long pieces of plastic candy wrappings.  I did this after I took the picture because it was with the flash that I saw how much they stood out.

Cute for Christmas but I also think you could leave it up through Valentine's Day.

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