Monday, December 5, 2011

Mario Kart Marathon

Spark rotates from Wii game to Wii game, sometimes hourly and sometimes after several days.  Lately, for the last week or so, the game has been Mario Kart.  When he needs a break from school or just wants a little breather he will play a quick game, often Dancer and I will play with him.  The common denominator is though that it is always quick.  Until last night that is.

We sat down the play a game after dropping Dad off at work and Spark says, "Do you want to play all 32 levels?"  Sure, why not, I didn't think it would take that much time and we really hadn't done much together all day as I was busy with other things.

Wrong!  It took four hours to play those 32 games, we were up until after midnight.  I did do a few other things in between so it wasn't solid playing time.  We had gotten a turkey off our turkey card (when you buy a bazillion dollars worth of groceries in the months of October and November at a local grocery store they give you a turkey), which I discovered had thawed in the back of the car.  Needing to roast it up a.s.a.p. I had this bird that needed to be deboned and packaged for later us.  I did this in between rounds of play.  Dancer was also making cookies and so I helped her take the cookies in and out of the oven  and decorate them when they came out.  There was also a couple of phone calls, bathroom breaks and the like.

Whew, the next time I agree to a Mario Kart marathon I will make sure I have time aplenty on my hands.  Maybe Christmas vacation?

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