Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paper Sphere Ornaments

When I wasn't able to find enough hoops for the woven Scandinavian ornaments for our co-op Christmas party I had to quickly shift gears and find something else.  I saw an instruction sheet for these hanging by the scrap booking paper and decided we would make these instead. 

Supplies needed for these are scrap booking paper that is printed on both sides.  I picked some up at the store but realized that we needed more.  When I went to another store to quick grab some they didn't have any paper printed on both sides.  Lesson learned the check before you buy them, I did thankfully, but now have to  make another trip to get the right paper. 

Cut out nine circles from the paper.

Fold each circle in half and place them in a stack.

Staple them together at the top, middle and bottom of the fold.

Using glue dots or double stick tape, glue the outer edges of each piece together alternating top and bottom.  When they are all glued they should make a sphere but it may take some bend of the paper to get them symmetrical.

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