Saturday, September 12, 2009

We are out of the egg business

We need to sell some animals because we have too many to fit comfortably in the barn this winter. As Dad was listing them on Craig's List he decided at the last minute to list the 24 chickens we had in the outside coop. We had talked about butchering them but that would be so much work as we have no plucker, they are still laying and we would have to do some fancy rearranging to get them all in the freezer. He put the ad on late yesterday afternoon and by 8:30 this morning they had all been spoken for. By 2:00 this afternoon they had all been picked up. All but one that is. As we were putting her in the pet carrier that the people had brought to bring them to their home in, she jumped out and ran into the fir trees. We had another one in the barn that was sitting on eggs so we got her to replace the one that got away and put one of our favorites, Carmel, in the barn coop to sit on the eggs. Hopefully Carmel will stay sitting on them. It is a good deal for her, I think they only have a week or so left until they hatch. As the last ones were leaving the drive way we went out and brought in the egg sign. What am I going to do without dozens and dozens of eggs taking up half the fridge? We might actually have room for our food!

NOTE: Today we get home from church and Dancer is still outside so she saw this. A truck comes zooming by and slams on the breaks right at the end of our driveway. This guy get out, runs up to the house and says "Don't you have eggs anymore?!!" We sold him one dozen and said that we sold our chickens so that would be it for this year. Now we hadn't sold any about a week and half and all of a sudden we take the sign down and someone is clamoring for eggs. That was only the second time he had stopped in the three years we had the sign out. Reminds of 'never want to drink the water till the well runs dry' - 'never want to buy the egg till the chickens are gone'.

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