Monday, September 28, 2009

A reason for a party

Spark and Dad were out doing the chores and I heard a loud noise that I thought was a truck drive in the yard. A few moments later Spark comes running on the deck yelling for Dancer and I to come and see the tree branch he just saw fall off a tree. We get out there and he is dancing around chattering about how great this is, can we believe it happened, it is so cool, and other utterance of sheer wonder that such a thing had happened in our yard! Dad worked last night so his thoughts are on getting to bed. He says that after he gets up he will get out the chain saw and cut it up. "SAW IT UP!!!" exclaims Spark. He went on to explain that people need to see this. We should have a party and company over so they can see it. He made it sound like Dad was going to cut up the eighth wonder of the world! For this afternoon though it will be laying in our yard, pretty close to the road, where people passing by in their cars can look over with vast amazement at how lucky we are to have a huge tree branch laying in our yard.

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