Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pop Goes the Windshield

This evening we were behind the house, getting ready to do chores, when we heard a loud bang and "popping" noise from the road. We walked down towards the road and could see a car had abruptly stopped on the side of the road. By the time we came around the corner of the garage the car had backed up, made a U-turn and headed back from where it came. In the ditch we could see a deer. The deer was moving it's leg up and down a bit but was dead by the time the dad got over by it. The deer had an udder so it had been nursing it's young but it is late enough in the season they should be OK.

We all went to the see the accident scene, except Spark who took a digger on the patio in his haste to get out there. Right now he is in the house hoping he won't bleed to death. I think it's pretty unlikely since he's not bleeding at all.

A minute or two later a truck pulled up by the deer to assess the situation. The driver was a neighbor from a couple places down the road. His wife had collided the deer while bringing the kids to church. The deer had bolted out of the ditch and slammed into the side of the car, then flew onto the hood and smashed the windshield (hence the loud pop). There are a lot of deer in our area and I hear this is the third deer she has hit. Her husband said the first thing on his to-do list tomorrow morning will be to call the insurance company, again.

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