Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The bus drove by

School officially started for all the kids in the state today so there were no kids out and about. Dancer had an orthodontist appointment so we went to town, we can school anytime. We went to Pizza Ranch for buffet lunch and shopping before her appointment. One of the biggest things I hate about homeschool is when we are out and someone will say "oh, isn't there school today" and we explain that the kids are homeschool blah, blah, blah. Well today Dad was ready to say "Was that today?! We knew we were forgetting something." but no one asked. That's okay though, maybe it has become common place enough that we won't get bothered anymore. I did hear the lady that did Dancer's teeth ask if she started school and she said yes. I asked her about her answer later and she said she is weary of the whole 'I'm homeschooled' thing too. And it wasn't a lie, she did read and we started a science experiment - it was probably more that the kids in school did.

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