Monday, September 7, 2009

They worked hard, they played hard

I went out this afternoon to give the goats some water and on the way back to the house looked at the patio. We have a large patio, 24X32 feet, on the side of the house made out of brick pavers. We never sit on it or use it other than to walk from the front of the house to the back. Because of this it has become rather run down looking. The grass, we found out, had grown two blocks in and it seemed it had weeds growing out of every crack. So looking at the eye sore I got the wild hair to clean it up. Out came the hose with the driveway washer on it, a broom and a rake. The kids came out and we spent three hours spraying, sweeping, raking the grass that had grown along the edges, throwing the rocks back along the house where they belonged and pulling lots and lots of weeds. When we got done it looked like a new patio because of the kids hard work. They worked the whole time without one complaint.

When we were done we sat down on lawn chairs, not even on the patio perhaps we still won't use it, and had a snack. The kids asked if we could go to Grandma's and swim in her pool. We hadn't been there to swim in over two years because we just never seem to have the time to go and just swim. We live by a lake and it doesn't seem to be much of a priority to swim in the pool. Well after they had worked so hard we really couldn't say no. We got in the car and headed to their house. The kids swam for over an hour and half and between the two of them must have jumped in about 75 times. Grandma got home from work just as they were getting out and so we had a nice visit to boot!

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