Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall bird migration

There have been thousands and thousands of birds in our yard today. To the left of the tree and right under the clouds in this picture, the black dots is what they came out looking like, it shows just a very, very small amount of the birds that were here. When they weren't in our yard they flew across the road to perch in the trees or out in the corn field behind our house. In the trees there were so many of them they looked like black apples on a very heavy laden apple tree. The birds came in these swarms like waves across the sky and then it seemed as though they would all fall into the trees. When they were flying and landing they sounded like a sparkler firework that you swirl around on the 4th of July. When they were in the trees their cackling sounded like a waterfall of broken glass and it was so loud. It was just the most magnificent thing to see and stand under. I hope more come through again tomorrow.

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