Sunday, September 27, 2009

Humble yourself buddy

Yesterday I was playing Mario Kart with Spark, a game where he usually always wins, and he was just awful. I don't know where this came from, but he was going on about how great he was at the game and how horrible I was. When he would win a game he would get up and dance around doing this obnoxious victory dance. We often have some good natured ribbing during our games but nothing like he was doing. In fact, if we had had company over I would have had one of those 'earth swallow me now' moments because I would have been so embarrassed. After a few times of telling him to dial it back, and him ignoring me, I told him to turn it off, I was done playing. Right away he knew he had step over the line. Later we had a talk about how it isn't fun to play with someone who acts like he did and how people who do act like that usually don't have friends to play with. We also spent sometime talking about good sportsmanship and why it is important. This afternoon we played again and he was the poster boy of a good adversary. Actually, I am glad he acted like that with me instead of a friend, who probably wouldn't have wanted to be after they played with him, so he could learn the lesson with someone who loves him. Now, let's just hope it sticks.

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