Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You say tomato I say tomato

However you say it, we have been truly blessed with out tomato crop this year. Each of these flats weighted about 22 pounds and we picked eight yesterday for 176 pounds or about 524 tomatoes. Before yesterday we had picked seven flats of tomatoes and have already made them into ketchup and tomato sauce. Four plants still remain in the garden to be picked. The other wonderful thing that our plants have done this year is to have all the tomatoes get ripe at once. Every tomato on every plant is ripe. Usually we are out there the night before the first freeze in late September or early October frantically picking green tomatoes and covering plants to protect them from the cold. In twenty years of gardening we have never ever had such a successful crop and we are giddy about it!

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Keeper of the Home said...

That is so awesome!! Our garden did well but due to the drought we didn't get as much as we would have liked. But we are blessed with what did get. Enjoy your harvest.

~Mrs. M