Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charlemagne X 2

The last couple of weeks we have been learning about Charlemagne. He was a very fascinating person by the way. We finished up with him yesterday and ended by making a royal crown like he might have worn. I got all the materials out for Spark and then Dancer said that she wanted to make one too. She was busy with some of her other work and I didn't know if she would want to make one or not but she did :o)
They cut poster board a bit larger around than their heads and painted them gold.
Garnish the crown with jewels and glitter glue.

Dancer put jewels all the way around hers although here you can only see the moon and a couple black onyx gems. The back was much more royal looking.

Spark crowned on the throne. He only wanted one jewel on his crown but it had to be sticking up on the front.

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