Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bathroom talk

I have become embarrassingly aware of how my term for bathroom use has changed over the years. Of course as a young adult it was a simple 'use the bathroom', nothing embarrassing about that.

Move on to having children and terminology changes. We were at a restaurant, with friends no less, when Dancer was little and it was one of those places where you stand in line to place your order, they seat you and then bring the food out later. We are standing in line and Dancer needs to use the bathroom. But being a mommy who's main companion during the day was a two year old, I ask, which seemed very loud after I said it "Where is your potty?" Our friends, the people behind us and the person I asked all laughed.

Move on a few more years and I no longer say potty. However, the dog has brought new vocabulary to our home. Now I have caught myself saying to the kids "do you need to piddle before we leave?"

I hope, somewhere in my future, there will be a time when I get back to regular 'bathroom talk'.

1 comment:

Sarah Anne said...

For my dog it's "Do you want to go outside?" That could really mean anything. Safe!