Monday, August 16, 2010

Crochet Halloween Boo Ghosts

Just finished these up, they are quite easy.  The pattern can be found here.  I changed the pattern a little bit.  The pattern was to make each round separate by single crocheting at the beginning of each round and joining at the end, I just made them one large spiral and skipped individual rounds.  I think it looks neater if there isn't  that extra stitch in there.  I also positioned them a little different to my liking.  I had these done in a couple of nights.  If you had time to sit down you could probably have them done in about 3 hours give or take. 

Whipped up this pumpkin to with the ghosts although it is quite large compared to them.  If they were fun size ghosts it would be perfect, he can be made smaller by decreasing the number of stitches in the beginning chain.  The pattern for him can be found here.  Dad was using the computer when I was ready to make the stem so I couldn't look at the pattern.  I just made up my own stem, which is a longer so it can bend over and a leaf to go on as well.  When I sewed the stem to the pumpkin I made large stitches to give him the sides of the stems since pumpkins don't have neat little stems that come out the top like an apple, they are splayed over the top.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for the Ghost Pattern!! I love this idea!!! Great job

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Ghost Pattern! I think it is super cute! Great job!

C. Bain
Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada