Monday, August 20, 2012

Make A Survival Stove or Lantern

Supplies needed are a tin can, something for a wick (a strip of old rag), rocks and some type of oil or fuel.  NOT GAS!!!!!!!!!!  Did you read that?  NOT GAS!!!!!!!!  Add to that warning anything that is highly flammable.

Pour about a half of inch of oil in the can, we used bacon grease - hey, it is recycling and it smells good.  Put a couple of rocks in the can that are taller than the oil.

Make a hole in the top of the can, the easiest way is to use a nail and hammer.  Thread the wick through the top of the lid.  Set the lid in the can, this is where the rocks come in, they keep the lid out of the oil so that the oil doesn't run over the lid and make a big fire.  Wait for the wick to absorb the oil.  Put the stove on a flat surface and leave it there the whole time it is burning and until it cools completely. 

Light the wick.  Do not start this on fire on your counter unless you are the person who goes to work and makes the money to pay the house insurance.  Dad lit this stove and even I, the person who is married to the person who makes the money to pay the house insurance, knows that this would have been much safer to do outside.  But I thought if something happens I won't be the one who has to explain it so go ahead.

What to do with this little stove?

Use it to melt chocolate to dip your bacon in. 

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