Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wait For It.....

Dancer and Spark meet with friends to play volleyball every Friday night.  Spark actually gets together with all the younger brothers and they play some boy themed thing they think up. 

I need to preface this next part by saying that Spark is called Spark for a reason.  He can be rather focused and spontaneous, not always thinking through what he does or says like many other 11 year old boys.  Even so, I worry.  Worry that he is going to do, or say, something that will have my phone ringing with a parent on the other end wondering if we are raising a barbarian.  Well, barbarian might be a little extreme.  Maybe.  Most of the time.  We do go over all the rules you should follow at someones house though all the way there.

We pick them up last night and they are both talking a hundred miles an hour about the evening and Spark says, "I had a really intense..." and then he pauses.  During his pause I inhale deeply with my head frantically swimming with all the intense things he could have done.  He goes on, "....An intense Ninja battle with (whoever)."  At that point I am so relieved that the end included a Ninja battle that I didn't even listen to who it was.  Whew!  I see maturity in our future.

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Amy Dingmann said...

No worries about Spark around us!! Well, maybe that's because I only have boys. Like Spark. I always feel relieved around moms who have boys because you just "don't have to explain". :)