Thursday, August 16, 2012


All in churches in the town that our church is in go together and have one big vacation bible school.  There are only three churches, Catholic, Lutheran and ours so it isn't like thousands of kids, probably there were about 150 there.   The theme was Sonrise National Forest and all the kids were campers. 

Camper Spark with his class ready for music.

Dancer and I were part of the music group.  We didn't know what our job was until we got there on Sunday night.  The leader asked if we would do hand motions for the song time.  Sure, no problem we said as vision of cute little motions much like Itsy Bitsy Spider flashed through my mind.  Not even close.  This was dancing and waving your arms over your head which seemed like 99% of the time.  Dancer was right in her element, I on the other hand felt every year I have lived when I woke up sore every morning.  There were six songs in the program and we sang all of them each night with five groups and then the opening and closing ("the show" as one little girl called it) program.  If we got done early the kids could request songs from other years.  Tonight alone we sang and danced to 43 songs making me glad that VBS is only five nights even though we really enjoyed it.

This is the bag the kids made to hold their other crafts during the week.  I wasn't surprised when Spark showed me his and his moose had three eyes but, I did feel better when I saw another boy made a cyclops moose.  I still think it is cute.

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Amy Dingmann said...

CUTE! Yes, our VBS was "Sky" and all the music/actions was more like an aerobic workout! The kids had fun and so did the adults. I love the three eyed moose. Reminds me when Ooky (8 yrs old) this year was told to make a picture frame (very explicit directions) and instead he made a lovely full canvas painting of a rainbow. Sometimes you just have to wonder, right?