Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rock of Goose

See the goose?  No?  See the rock?  It is the brown lump to the left of the bonfire pit.  Dancer looked out the slider door and there was a huge Canadian goose majestically standing all by itself in the yard.  When we opened the door to take a picture it quick sunk to the ground, put its head down and lay still like a rock. 

I didn't know that geese did that but it is pretty smart on their part.  It stayed like that for a long, long time.  We finally realized that the goose had a lot more patience for us to go back inside than we did for it to stand up so we went back inside. 

Later when we checked on him he was strutting around the yard, and even though he saw us, he must have thought we were safe because he didn't turn into a rock again.  He is gorgeous, I love when wildlife comes in the yard, well as long as it doesn't eat the garden. 

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