Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alphabet Hunt or how we try to liven up our days

The kids have been working really hard at school and we are making great progress. The problem is we have become boring. The kids haven't said that but I have become bored so I assume they would enjoy a little bit of change as well.

We cut back our usual lessons and did a couple other things this afternoon. We did some logic puzzles, a treat to my kids not a school subject, watched the movie "Where the Red Fern Grows", which followed the book reasonably well for a book made into a movie and played Alphabet Hunt.

Alphabet Hunt is a simple game that can be played anywhere. Just write the letters A through Z on a piece of paper and then find things that start with that letter. To make it harder you can do it only in one room, outside, in a waiting room, in a foreign language if you are that versed, using the letter for the end of the word, only using three syllable words, etc.

The kids did it all over the house, here is their list.
A - apple B - book C - cup D - dog E - eraser F - fridge G - glasses H - house plant I - ice pack J - jar K - knitting needle L - lamp M - mom N - nails O - oven P - plate Q - Q-tips R - remote for the t.v. S - stereo T - toothbrush U - undies V - vase W - wii X - x-ray block Y - yarn Z - zipper

For some reason then could not find any thing for the letter I. I told them to get out the dictionary and look through the words until they came to one that they knew was something in our house.

They worked together and the whole thing took no more than five minutes plus it made a nice break in our day. Maybe Spark and I will try a harder version when he and I are waiting for Dancer sometime.

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