Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rubber Stamping

I had a baby shower when Dancer was a baby and one of the women gave me a stamped card. I don't remember what the gift was she gave me but I remember that card. That one card lead to a stamping obsession, I even took stamps on vacation, and hundreds of dollars later I had bins and bins of stamps and accessories.

Along came Spark four years later and my stamping days were over. Eventually the bins got move into the basement and forgotten. I sort of thought as the kids got older that I would have more time but it is the other way around.

Yesterday we met a friend for lunch. A friend who doesn't have any kids. A friend who has a "stamping room." A friend who gave us a huge stack of cute paper. A friend who told us about all the cards she has been making.

Today I thought enough is enough, I am pulling those stamps back out. I brought them up to the kitchen table where Dancer took one look at them, sat down and got to work. We have been stamping all afternoon and evening. Spark even made a couple cards. We may not be having school or eating at the table any more but everyone we know will be getting a card from us.

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